Concept design for suburban garden

The office recently worked on proposals for the renovation of an existing villa in the southern suburbs of Athens, incorporating a pool and shaded dining areas



Vari office fit out nears completion

Construction works for the fit out of an office building in the suburbs of Athens are nearly complete, with final decorations for prospective tenants



Office fit out project

We have recently been involved in the design package for the interior fit-out of a large office building in Athens, for a commercial client.


14.7.16 Paros villa landscaping

Paros villa featured in Maison de campagne

Our new build villa on Paros island has been featured in 'Maison de campagne', an annual edition by EK magazine, featuring the 'best recently finished projects in one of the most active areas of private contemporary architecture in Greece'. The magazine is available for purchase here



14.7.16 Paros villa landscaping

Antigonis refurbishment complete

Works are now complete for the modernisation of an existing maisonette in the Southern Athenian suburb of Vouliagmeni, for a private client. View the finished project here



14.7.16 Paros villa landscaping

Paros villa planting

Plants are being arranged in the garden for the paros villa, with an extensive landscape including olive, lemon and orange trees.



14.7.16 Paros villa landscaping

Paros villa landscaping

Internal works are now complete for the Paros villa and the focus moves to the hard landscaping around the house and wider garden area.



16.1.16 Langley vale visitor hub competition

Paros villa nears completion

Our work as construction managers for a large new build private villa on the island of Paros is concluding this summer. The house is now at an advanced stage.


16.1.16 Langley vale visitor hub competition

Langley vale visitor hub competition

A design submission for an open competition hosted by the Woodland Trust for a new 300 sq m facility in the beautiful rolling scenery of Langley Vale, near Epsom in Surrey. See full project here


Paros villa

A balmy November on the island of Paros helps the progression of works to a new build villa, with plastering complete and focus on sealing the house for winter with the installation of windows and doors. The project is scheduled to complete in summer 2016.


Paros villa plastering

We have reached exterior and interior plastering stage in construction works for a private villa on Paros island. The build is expected to be complete in the new year.



Anavyssos phase B landscaping

Works are now complete to our landscaping project in Anavyssos.



31.01.15 Anavyssos villa

Anavyssos phase B landscaping

Landscaping works continue in our Anavyssos project, with the driveway taking shape.



31.01.15 Anavyssos villa

Anavyssos phase B landscaping

We are undertaking some landscaping works currently in our refurbishment project in Anavyssos.The scheme includes a mix of paving and tsimentikonia (coloured plaster), separated by curved lines.



31.01.15 Anavyssos villa

Paros villa works

Construction works are gathering pace at our Paros villa project, with the first phase electrical installation underway.



22.10.14 Paros villa landscaping scheme

Paros villa landscape scheme

We have been busy coordinating the landscape design scheme for the Paros Villa project, prepared by athens studio Outside landscape architecture.




New furniture designs

September 2014
New furniture designs

The office has been working on the design development for a new range of coffee table furniture, to be manufactured in Greece. Watch this space!



Nov 2013 Paros villa excavation starts

August 2014
New project in Northern Greece

We are pleased to have been appointed to design a new house in the Kavala region in Northern Greece, for a private client. The site features direct access to the public beach and spectacular sea views.




Nov 2013 Paros villa excavation starts

July 2014
Paros villa brickworks progress

Brickworks to exterior and interior walls are underway on our Paros villa project. The office is acting as construction managers for the house, scheduled for completion 2015. In association with Gartaganis Associate engineers



Nov 2013 Paros villa excavation starts

June 2014
Paros villa pool works underway

Works are progressing to a new build villa on the island of Paros. Currently the infrastructure and concrete formwork for the swimming pool is underway




Nov 2013 Paros villa excavation starts

May 2014
Mykonos villa complete

After a seven month construction period, renovation works are now complete to a private villa on the island of Mykonos. View the finished project.




Nov 2013 Paros villa excavation starts

April 2014
Mykonos villa nears completion

Our villa renovation on the Greek island of Mykonos is now well advanced, with finishing works progressing for a scheduled Easter completion. The project has involved extensive remodelling of the original 1970's house.




Nov 2013 Paros villa excavation starts

March 2014
Mykonos villa landscaping

Works to the refurbishment of an existing villa on Mykonos are well progressed. The scheme includes some alterations to the garden landscaping around the house.



Nov 2013 Paros villa excavation starts

February 2014
Paros villa concrete works underway

Works continue at fast pace on the Paros new build villa, with basement concrete floor slab complete and preparation well underway for the ground floor. The new house will enjoy spectacular views across to the neighbouring island of Naxos.



Nov 2013 Paros villa excavation starts

January 2014
Mykonos villa works progressing

The interior of our refurbishment of a 1970's villa on the Greek island of Mykonos is starting to take shape, and new windows framing beatiful views over to Mykonos town and the cycladic islands of Delos and Ermoupoli.



Nov 2013 Paros villa excavation starts

November 2013
Paros villa excavation works underway

Excavation works are underway for the construction of a detached villa on the Cycladic island of Paros. The office is appointed to manage the construction of a new private residence, with anticipated completion in 2014.



October 2013 news

October 2013
Mykonos refurbishment underway

In conjuction with Gartaganis & Associates engineers, we are pleased to announce strip out and demolition works are underway for the conversion of a luxury villa on the island of Mykonos. Construction is due for completion in spring 2014.




Anavyssos phase A

September 2013
Anavyssos phase A complete

Works reach completion for Anavyssos phase A landscaping and refurbishment project, with design by A&T Kontodimas and employers agent services carried out by Keith Rae & Babis Gartaganis.



May 2013
Anavyssos phase A works nearing completion

May 2013

Works are nearly complete for landscaping and refurbishment works to a detached residential property on mainland Greece. The practice has been involved as employer's agent, monitoring construction works.



November 2012
Anavyssos construction works underway

13.11.12 Anavissos construction underway

Construction has commenced on a landscaping and conversion project in the coastal town of Anavyssos in Southern mainland Greece. The practice is appointed as consultant for the monitoring of construction, with design and build by A+T Kontodimas (Athens).



October 2012
Daegu library competition entry

Daegu competition

Our scheme for a new public library in the South korean city of Daegu. The design mitigates the destruction of existing trees in the proposed site by featuring a new 'forest' within the structure of the building at ground floor level, with main library spaces and reading rooms perched above.



July 2012
Buenos Aires art museum competition entry

05.07.12 Art museum competition

Our design submission for an open international ideas competition for a new contemporary art museum in the docklands area of Buenos Aires. The design arranges the museum spaces as large interlinked volumes, with a clear passage between the different galleries.